Posted by Peter Tzannos on 3/11/2019

Do you love March Madness? Love getting into the spirit of the competition and enjoying fun times spent with family and friends watching games? Whether you're a big college basketball fan or not, March Madness brings with it so many opportunities to have fun and join in the commotion of the NCAA division tournament. With 68 teams you'll undoubtedly be able to find a team or school to cheer on, and even put some money down on, in this single elimination tournament. Here are some great ways to enjoy March Madness at home or out on the town. 

Hosting a Party

A great way to gather your friends together is to host viewing parties throughout the month. Figure out all your favorite upcoming match-ups and final round games and invite your crew over to watch. To easily deck out your party buy cups, plates, and napkins in each team's colors. Try your hand at snacks and treats that come from the same region as the teams you're watching. Design or find special cocktails or locate beers unique to the teams or college towns. Invite friends to bring over any flags, banners or other memorabilia they have to decorate your living room. When everyone gets in the spirit, you'll soon have great memories to share from this year's tournament.

Attending a Party

Every town in America gets excited during March Madness. Check online for scheduled events around your city and make plans to attend with your friends. Visit a different pub, restaurant or theater to check out the games you want to see and enjoy the comradery and competition with strangers and friends. Break out your favorite jersey, sweatshirt and hats, get out there and represent your team!

Crafts & Other Activities

Whether you're joining the action at home or out on the town, you can continue to engage in the tournament in between with more crafts and activities.

  • Make t-shirts to represent your team or your predicted finalists and winner. You can create these at home with puff paints or iron on transfers. Or, visit your local screen printer for a small set of tees for you and your friends.
  • Design your own bracket and track tournament outcomes. Use a whiteboard, a big sheet of paper (a large roll of white paper is a good and affordable option) or poster board to draw out your bracket and add the names of winners as you watch the games. Watching both menís and womenís NCAA games, donít forget youíll need two brackets!
  • Engage in a friendly bet. Get with your friends to wager on the winner of each game or final four predictions. Create a squares pool or set up a bracket challenge. Try making your bets unique like wagering doing the winnerís lawn and garden care for a month, washing their car or babysitting the kids. 

Whatever your preferred entertainment there is something for everyone when it comes to March Madness. Get together with your friends before the tournament starts and outline some plans for all the fun youíll have throughout the month of March.

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